51oOADK8aTL 500x169 - 2in1 Foam Rollers Physical Therapy Trigger Point Hip Roller Grid – Deep Tissue Textured Foam Roller for Massage – Sports Medicine Equipment Alleviates Workout Pain, Cellulite, Lactic Acid & Migraines

2in1 Foam Rollers Physical Therapy Trigger Point Hip Roller Grid – Deep Tissue Textured Foam Roller for Massage – Sports Medicine Equipment Alleviates Workout Pain, Cellulite, Lactic Acid & Migraines

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Getting the Perfect Body, Doesn't Have to Be Painful Myofascial Sports Therapy Equipment Works as a deep tissue roller & alleviate back & hip pain plus release lactic acid buildup, relieving muscle tension and soreness. Push yourself harder, recover from and prevent sports related injures faster & improve your personal best with little to no pain when you use it regularly to increase oxygen flow & blood circulation Improve Core strength, balance, mobility, flexibility & posture – so you move like an athlete, stand taller, and look like a slimmer, sexier version of you Flush away the cellulite and water retention that causes bloating & bumpy skin Get fit without the pain, simply add to cart now Intensify Your Sports Massage, to Intensify Your Results Bodhivana outer high density trigger point foam roller design allows you to: Warm up quickly & safely before your workout so you reduce the risk of injury and soreness Instantly relax your muscles after your workout, even if it was a 'hard day' Laser-in, target & treat trigger points that cause you pain, and alleviate muscle related migraines Get a deep tissue massage with the PERFECT amount of pressure, because you're in control Enhance your performance and increase your blood flow so you max-out further down the line by creating the same effect as a professional sport therapy massage Never used a foam roller before or need a gentle approach for an injured muscle? The inner roller is here to help! The softer low density inner roller helps you: Ease into foam rolling so you get the pain relief, without the intense massage Massage away tension, pain and migraines in your neck and other delicate areas Target & decrease shin splint pain – and with continued, regular use, support it's elimination entirely! Never Experience Performance Anxiety – Know the Right Way to Foam Roll to Alleviate Pain & Create a Shapelier Body from DAY 1

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Customer Reviews

Great for joint and muscle pain!

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 on August 9, 2016
By FitnessLoveLife
This is a great foam roller. I have been lifting for over a year now and was experiencing some joint pain and increasing muscle pain. My trainer suggested that I stretch and roll for 20 minutes a day to combat this from getting worse and to improve my muscles and joints. Since I incorporated this into my workout I have noticed a difference in a decrease in knee and ankle pain. I notice I even feel a little more relaxed. This set is handy because it has a bag that you can throw the foam roller in and take it anywhere. It also comes with a beginner’s guide on how to use the foam roller if you are also unsure. I got the orange and was happy with the color. This item shipped and arrived on time and came in fabulous condition. I have only good things to say about this product and can not find anything that would dock a star from the review.

Hurts so good!

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 on June 12, 2017
By Christy T.
I tried out a friend’s Triggerpoint Foam Roller 

This was a great purchase. The outer roller is perfect for extremely …

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 on February 22, 2017
By Amazon Customer
I’m a professional dancer and really waned a roller that came with a bag for when we travel and tour. This was a great purchase. The outer roller is perfect for extremely tight muscles which is a regular for me. The inner one though it looks soft its still a good support and help for less sore muscles. Love it.

Strong and sturdy

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 on July 8, 2017
By Chris Malaqui

This is a pretty good thing to have for anyone suffering back pain

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 on July 31, 2017
By M.C.
This is a pretty good thing to have for anyone suffering back pain. My spine is messed up from sleeping on a horrible mattress on my stomach for years and I now have a distinct bend in my upper spine. It sometimes prevents me from being able to turn my neck or hold my phone in the crook of my neck for a moment. I got this 2 in 1 roller because I couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted a soft or hard roller. I am used to using a tennis ball against a wall, so I figured I’d want something hard-ish, but all the hard rollers out there looked a little intimidating and I didn’t want to be stuck with something I wouldn’t use. This one is perfect. Start off with the soft roller and use the hard one sporadically at first until you get used to it. I do use the hard one a lot, but I also use the soft one on areas like my hips and sides, places with bones close to skin or are prone to bruising. I quit going to the chiropractor after I bought this and a new mattress. I can’t say that my back or muscles never hurt, but it’s a hell of a lot better and I don’t have to pay someone every week to use it.

Great massage tool!!

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 on August 23, 2017
By Amazon Customer
I suffer from IT band and sciatic nerve pain it goes down from hip to my knee, and I have been using this wow it is amazingly painful, but the result is no more constant pain of the nerves. I also used it on my lower back, and it felt like I stretched it out I felt more limber, so I am going to make this my routine so I can be without pain cause nothing else was working for the long term. I bought a second one for an upcoming friends birthday!! I cannot wait until he gets to try it out too!

No more aches and pain !

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 on June 20, 2017
By Nicole Kelley
The foam rollers are huge, but I love this product as well. It helps with larger muscles groups (in my opinion) like the back, neck, quads, and hamstrings. I also love that its a two in one. That way if I don’t need a lot of pressure with the knobs I can use the orange one to roll around on. It comes with a bag to carry and keep up with. That way if I take it to the gym I know what’s mine and I can just drop it in my gym bag and take it with me wherever I go. Plus anyone in the family can use it if they have any muscle aches or soreness this will help it no doubt.

Hurts so good

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 on July 10, 2017
By THolt
When I first opened the package I thought how conveniently package these rollers were and with its little travel bag. I tried the hard outer part on my lower back, hamstring and legs after a workout. It was so uncomfortable but, I kept at it for up to 6 minutes. Later that evening, I could feel that I had stretched well because I didn’t feel as stiff. I use both rollers alternating days since it arrived July 5, 2017. I order most things based on the reviews and I am happy to add mine. This product gets a 5.

Okay but the outer roller doesn’t roll smoothly

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 on March 4, 2017
What I like: good size – outer roller is sturdy – the bag is handy – gets the job done

Veteran approved

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 on July 29, 2017
By Amazon Customer
I’m a combat veteran with back issues. I have back spasms from an injury while in service and the roller has helped me a lot. I would recommend this to anyone who has sore muscles from exercise or is trying to work through an injury. I even told my physical therapist he should order them for veterans to use at physical therapy sessions. The things that stick up can hurt a bit but that’s what works the knots out of the muscles. If mine wears out I’ll buy another.

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