51A msF3nXL 500x169 - 7 Pairs Compression Socks For Women and Men - Best Medical, Nursing, for Running, Athletic, Edema, Diabetic, Varicose Veins, Travel, Pregnancy & Maternity - 15-20mmHg

7 Pairs Compression Socks For Women and Men – Best Medical, Nursing, for Running, Athletic, Edema, Diabetic, Varicose Veins, Travel, Pregnancy & Maternity – 15-20mmHg

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Customer Reviews

Pros outweigh the cons. Worth the money if you need a compression sock for work.

 on January 17, 2018
By James Sexton
I was skeptical about these socks at first due to some of the negative reviews but for the price and the number of socks you receive I decided to give it a shot. I have had them for a little less than a week so this is an initial review. I will update as I go on. They came packaged like they were supposed to. They do have the odor some reviews claim but it’s not overwhelming (some of these reviews exaggerate badly). However, they have helped me so far. You have to pay attention to how these socks are made so you can put them on correctly. There is a spot for your toes kinda like a regular sock and then you need to make sure your heel fits right in the little diamond shaped heel area (you’ll see what I mean when you put them on). I think that is one of the issues that some folks have. It can be uncomfortable if this is off even a little bit. I am 6 foot 5 with a 13 shoe and the large/x-large fits me perfectly. I have noticed that if you try and stretch the sock to the max it will go higher than need be so just pull them on, don’t try and yank them up to your neck and they wont go higher than should be. These do have good compression but keep in mind this is a sock, not hose. They won’t be as tight as some of the Covidien or Ted hose you can buy that are more of a hospital grade. The compression in these are mainly around the foot and ankle area as it is a sock designed more for someone being on their feet working. They probably could help for medical issues but I would rather see people buy hospital grade or at least a more well reputable brand if that’s what you need it for. Also, they are somewhat sheer. This don’t bother me though because it allows my foot and calf to breathe. It’s kinda like a dry fit really cause I haven’t noticed any profuse sweating and my feet don’t smell when I take them off. It kinda puts you in the mind of a tall, somewhat see through dress sock. I have to wear regular ankle socks with these because they are so thin my foot moves around in my shoe. The added ankle sock don’t bother me but for some this may be an issue. The toe area can be a little tight until you get used to it and the sock adjusts to your foot movement so make sure to keep your toenails trim. I have seen some reviews saying that the band at the top of the sock is uncomfortable and I did notice that a little but after moving around a bit it went away and I don’t have red marks when I take them off. These do stay in place well. I don’t have to pull them up or do any real adjusting during the day at all and they have helped me with work. I am on concrete floors most of the day and my feet don’t hurt anywhere near as bad when I get off so they are worth the money. I will add a few pics and update as I put wear on them. If they hold up a while I will definitely repurchase in the future.

Awesome sock for the price.

 on June 12, 2017
By Megan King
I was pretty skeptical going into this purchase – I had never seen graduated compression socks sold at such a geat price and was quite concerned about both the fit and their lasting power. Both my husband and I have been wearing them nearly daily since we got them and we have no complaints. They’ve held up through washes and even a couple accidental dryer visits when they’ve been stowaways on a regular load.

Good Except for the Toe

 on May 25, 2017
By Marge
I bought these socks to help with swelling in one of my ankles. They’re a good weight, and they make my legs and ankles feel good. Definitely help with the swelling. The price is great, too. Six pairs of these cost less than one pair of the really thin compression socks that look like stockings (and get runners like stockings,too).

Benefical and Therapeutic

 on October 31, 2017
By Amazon Customer
I initially make the purchase to help treat my nocturia because I read that compression socks can reduce water retention in the lower extremities and reduce the chances of developing blood clots, however, these socks did more. I’ve had an impairment with a neurological problem with my right leg. Possibly I had a minor stroke because only my right side was affected, more so with the leg than the arm. I had a limp and fell down a half dozen times before I saw a physical therapist. After doing daily PT exercises for a few years I no longer limp but I’m not 100% right. Putting these socks on has made a big difference in my walking with movements being more smooth and fluid. It may sound trivial but I’m amazed that I feel normal again while walking.

The Best Online Purchase Ever!!!!!!!

 on November 1, 2017
By Amazon Customer
Thank you for these phenomenal socks that has been a game changer for my normally swollen legs and ankles. I travel a lot for work and Doctors performed test and leg Ultrasounds only to find everything working normally thank God, but, the swelling was awful and embarrassing. No more swelling since I started wearing these socks with my uniform.

I like these socks

 on March 20, 2018
By Xiao Chen
I like these socks, they are thick and elastic and fit pretty well on my leg. Because of my job, I need to stand and walk around for a long period of time, and these socks helped relief my pain. I personally high recommend them to anyone who suffer from deep vein thrombosis and those who need to be on their feet all day long.

I love these socks

 on December 8, 2017
By Elaine A Korwek
I love these socks. I bought one set for a trip we were taking in October that had a 4 1/2 hour flight. I tend to swell a little around my ankles from flying and decided it was probably time to check out compression socks. They worked beautifully for our flight and were so comfortable I wore them every day on our vacation. When I got home I ordered another set because I just love the way they make my legs and ankles feel. I work sitting down most of the day and my ankles tend to puff up by the end of the day. I wear these socks every day now and have absolutely no swelling or pain. I recommend them to everyone. They arrived on time, were in perfect condition and I can’t beat the price.

Great product that does what it says it will

 on November 4, 2017
By Meowchick
I recently developed health issues that required me to wear compression stockings. This bothered me because I’m in my 40s and had associated compression stockings with old age. I also figured they would be uncomfortable but I had no choice I had to wear them and so I ordered this product. I was pleasantly surprised. Because they are black they don’t scream compression stockings and look like a longer trouser sock. They are not uncomfortable at all I don’t feel like I am wearing something tight and don’t even notice them during the day. They are also easy to put on and off which from what I’ve been told is not always the case. Best of all they do what they are suppose to. My job requires me to be running around all day. The only time I am not on my feet is when I’m driving in the car. I am suffering from a condition that causes extreme swelling from my ankles up my calf. By the end of the day not only did I have extreme swelling but bad leg pain and heaviness. Since getting these stockings the swelling and pain is markedly decreased. These stockings really do make a positive difference. I recommend them highly and I know that I will continue to use them.

Knee high compression socks

 on January 23, 2017
By Tiffany green
I bought these socks to wear with boots and for my daughter for her sports. They are very long. I’m 5’4 and they come up right below my knee. They are tight around the leg and the middle of the foot. The toe and heel area are not the compression material. Very stretchy, but form to the size of your foot and leg.

Just Buy Them!

 on August 22, 2017
By Amazon Customer
I am very happy to leave what may be my first Amazon review, prompted by a feedback request from seller. Let me say, I bought these as a gift, for someone to use in lieu of the medical compression stockings. As we know those stockings are expensive but also so tight, that they are very tough for some (particularly the older folks) to even use. I found these on Amazon, the reviews looked good and the price was great, even just to try out. She is very happy with the stockings. She is able to get them on. Because of the variety of colors provided in the multipack ordered, she matched them up with different outfits each day.

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