31174jZXUFL 500x169 - Barbell Pad Squat Pad - Supports Squat Bar Weight Lifting for Neck & Shoulder - Protective Pad 16" long, 3.5" Diameter

Barbell Pad Squat Pad – Supports Squat Bar Weight Lifting for Neck & Shoulder – Protective Pad 16″ long, 3.5″ Diameter

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Do you love working out, but often find your shoulders stiff and bruised after performing heavy squats?

Would you like a premium quality squat bar cushion, designed for easy, comfortable and safe squatting?

If so, our Barbell Squat Pads are the perfect choice! Manufactured from ultra durable, tough foam, our Squat Neck Pads easily slide over any barbell bar, providing a super durable, cushioned surface, allowing you to easily place even the heaviest barbells across the back of your neck and shoulders, without painful impacts and bruising after heavy squat exercise sets!

Our Neck Pad for Squats are a professional quality product, and help to evenly distribute weight, across your shoulders and back, and are manufactured from durable rubber foam, for a high density squat neck pad, that won't easily flatten or harden as with other cheaper squat sponge pads. With a non slip finish, our Barbell Pad for Squats are perfect for reducing impacts, and can be used for squats, lunges and thrusts and mamy more! Our Squat Exercise Pads are a professional quality product, with a number of key benefits:

– Reduce the pressure on your back and shoulders when performing heavy squat sets.
– High density rubber foam barbell padding which easily absorbs impacts.
– Convenient slip on design, suitable for use with virtually all barbells.
– Won't harden or flatten as with cheaper squat pads.
– Lightweight and compact, perfect for carrying in gym bags.
– 16" long, 3.5" diameter, 1.5 thick

If you're tired of aching shoulders after performing heavy squats, our Squat Pads are the perfect choice, with a light weight, portable size, high density foam and easy slide on design! Click "Add to Cart" now!

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  • ASIN: B0125RNHTQ

Customer Reviews

Must have for squats

 on May 10, 2016
By Jasmine
I purchased this product because I go to the gym several times a week to do a body pump class, and while we are doing squats we usually trips our weights to be able to get good effective squats in. Due to me not having adequate padding I haven’t been able to add on as much weights as I wanted because the bar itself would be hurting my bony shoulders. I purchased this product because I noticed several other gym members were using it. So happy I found this product on amazon

I love squats; the results are awesome and fast

 on September 3, 2015
By Rafis
I love squats; the results are awesome and fast. They utilize several major muscle groups. But they can be very uncomfortable. I used to dread feeling that weight digging into my back. I’ve tried a towel, but it never stayed in place and would never provide adequate padding. This is perfect. It fits easily around my Olympic bar and stays in place. It completely alleviates that digging pressure you feel, especially when you’re using heavy weights. And because the outside appears to have a slip resistant surface, the bar does not move. Very easy to remove with the Velcro. I’ve already found that I can go heavier and longer, simply because the bar is not digging into my back. A must have for any free weight user.

Okay maybe not Squats but THRUSTERS!!

 on October 25, 2016
By TeamCakeBakery
LOVE!! Yes I’m a Booty Building Queen! I isolate my glutes during workouts far more than any other muscle “What does that have to do with this review?” Everything!! This is PERFECT for my weighted thrusters!! Depending on the training day I thrust up to 315 lbs and it pads my hips extremely well!! I have pretty boney hips I weight 130 and 5’5″ & I have to let all the Gym fam know that if you want this for thrusting… it’s perfect!! I had tried the standard pad at the gym with some gym towels before and I pinched a nerve so bad (because it was not enough padding) my quads were number for 3 months, scared the heck outta me! Since I’ve been using this I’m not longer afraid to go heavy!

This pad is Awesome

 on November 8, 2017
By Old Timer
I am 56 years old been around weight lifting off and on for most of my life in some form or another. I have around 600 LBS of standard weights. 165 LBS Olympic weights looking for more Olympic weights.. Until last year I had not worked out in about 6 years. I was assisting my wife with a project mind you my wife is 15 years younger then myself. I found I had lost my upper body strength. I told my wife then and there I was going to get back in shape. My cast iron was on the back porch.

The best! It’s very thick

 on April 30, 2016
Worth the price and then some! I didn’t have much faith in this pad at first. I do heavy squats, glue bridges, etc with an olympic bar and usually pad it with something i can find around the house. Even rolling a large towel around the bar didn’t help much with the pain and bruising. I finally caved in and got the pad. The best! It’s very thick, and doesn’t seem very flexible until you put it on a bar and try it out. No more pain, no more bruising, it compresses enough to keep the bar stable on the neck/upper back/ hips but not enough for your body to feel the actual bar. With this pad I can lift more and keep a better form because I’m not dealing with the annoying discomfort of the bar sitting directly on bony prominences. Great purchase! Highly recommended!


 on February 23, 2017
By Norma Lee
I’ve joined my local crossfit and have enjoyed lifting weights. There was a problem and that was that the bar would dig into my hands and actually leave indents on my palms! I figured there must be something out there that can fix this issue. So I got on amazon and started searching. To my surprise, I stumbled upon this gem! I can’t even begin to describe just how much it has helped me! No more painful palms! This has got to be one of the best inventions I’ve seen and used in a long time! I am super happy with my purchase! It works great and has been a palm saver!!

feels good to my neck and shoulders

 on October 20, 2015
By Robbie Smith
this is a really nice pad fits well on my bars and offers plenty protection for neck and shoulders. I have 2 Olympic bars one is rated at 750 pounds and the other is 1000 pounds. seems like I remember some comments about not fitting on their bars if you have an over sized bar or maybe just a better quality bar than mine it probably would not fit it is a good fit for my bar though.

Great product

 on October 22, 2015
By Tonya E
I ordered this for my husband, He loves it. He doesn’t feel the bar weight on his shoulders at all. Protects his back and fits the bar perfectly. It is snug an doesn’t move around at all. He concentrates on lifting not shifting the bar around. I did review this in exchange for a discount and he can’t believe he worked out without it. Great product

Too cute, and works great

 on October 29, 2015
By Norma
Whenever I’m doing squats I find that the squat pad at the gym is missing, or just plain disgusting. I don’t know why it took me so long to just buy my own. I saw this on someone else review page and loved it. It’s pretty, girly, and most of all works great. It has just the right amount of padding to be comfortable, and keep the bar off of your neck, and shoulder. If you are a female who squat you should give this a try.

Great! Buy this product!

 on October 31, 2015
By Preston
When I first went to buy this type of product I was a bit hesitant in selecting a barbell squat pad because they all looked too thin. However, this is perfect. This is the only pad I’ve used that actually works like it is supposed to. I don’t even feel the slightest discomfort when I have the weights stacked on.

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