51R5xCklgKL 500x169 - BIO Core Ab Roller - Fitness Wheel & Abdominal Carver To Workout, Exercise & Strengthen Your Abs & Core - Plus, Get A FREE Pro Knee Mat To Supplement Your Training For A Limited Time

BIO Core Ab Roller – Fitness Wheel & Abdominal Carver To Workout, Exercise & Strengthen Your Abs & Core – Plus, Get A FREE Pro Knee Mat To Supplement Your Training For A Limited Time

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Want to sculpt your abs and get a chiseled 6 pack? Or perhaps you're looking to tone your arms and strengthen your core muscles?

We've got the solution for you. Introducing the BIO Core ab wheel from Epitomie Fitness.

It's the only ab roller in the market today with RUBBER wheels. So unlike other cheap plastic ab wheels, now you can work out effectively anywhere and on any surface, even polished smooth surfaces. The rubber wheels also provide smooth silent functioning and improved balance & stability.

Yes, not all ab rollers are creating equal. So why choose the BIO Core abdominal wheel?

– The thick ergonomically designed memory foam handles will ensure maximum comfort for any size hands and for any workout duration.
– The FREE knee mat means no more bruising and discomfort in the knees from kneeling.
– With a stainless steel axle bar combined with a wheel core made from high grade polymers, the BIO Core ab carver pro is durable and built for longevity. You will never need to buy another ab carver!
– Also, the dual wheels not only provide maximum stability and balance, but they will also support large weights of up to 450lbs. So whether you are a beginner or an expert user, the BIO Core has you covered.

The ab roller wheel is one of the most effective fitness devices with a proven track record to strengthen your abs, arms, shoulders, back and even the obliques and lower core when done properly. So forget doing hundreds of sit ups and using useless large sized ab crunching machines, turbo charge your abdominal and arm workouts with the BIO Core ab roller.

We also offer a lifetime replacement guarantee so buy now risk free. Click the "add to cart" button now and start taking your ab workouts to the next level.

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Customer Reviews

Awesome product!

 on March 20, 2016
By Angel Rhodes
Visually, this ab roller is awesome! The wheels stick to any hard surface which is great. And the kneepad that comes with it is thick enough so that your knees will not be feeling any sort of pain.

What Epitomie Fitness did was take the best parts of those variations

 on May 31, 2016
By Stephen Jarriel
As a trainer, I’ve used several different types of ab wheels: single wheel, double wheels, spring assisted (not a fan), various wheel treads, various handles.

High quality product that gets the job done!

 on May 30, 2016
By Brian A. Ocon
I’ve used and seen other ab wheels that look flimsy, weak, and sort of just “thrown together”… this is NOT one of them. The material of the wheel is a strong rubber and the handles are a very nice and soft foam material that allows you to keep a good grip. It also comes with a soft pad for the knees so you can use it on hard surface and not scrape up your body. I have used this thing on carpet, hardwood floors, and on BJJ mats and it has done the job every time. A main worry for me with things like this if for the wheel to get “slippery” and sort of slide out and ruin the workout… but the rubber coating of this ab wheel prevents this from happening. Overall a very high quality roller.

Smooth and Sturdy

 on January 16, 2016
By ray ray
I am an avid fitness enthusiast and I have a lot of experience with different exercises and equipment to work out abs. I am always looking for different exercises to target the abs and an ab roller is one of the best. I’ve used different ab rollers in the past and this one offered by Epitomie Fitness is definitely the best one I’ve used.

Good workout for this wimp!

 on May 12, 2016
By Hedonist In Moderation
Disclaimer: I am a beta-tester for Epitomie Fitness.

This is the best ab roller I have tried

 on January 14, 2016
By Amazon Customer
This is the best ab roller I have tried. I have owned two other ones, both of which were rickety and seemed to be of generally low quality. By contrast, the BIO Core Ab Roller has a very solid and simple design, and materials are of extremely high quality. The roller came dis-assembled, but assembly was intuitive and easy, and only took about a minute. The fact that this ab roller can be dis-assembled is very nice in case you want to travel with it, or otherwise carry it in a smaller space like a gym bag or backpack.

Is It Too Good to be True?

 on February 9, 2016
By Q
I have heard a lot about ab wheel’s over the years and decided to see if they lived up to the hype. Everything arrived on time as expected. My experience would lead me to recommend Epitome Fitness to friends and family as well, for a couple of reasons. I had never used an ab wheel before, so I was very excited and unsure if it would be as good as everyone says it is. Upon opening, my first thought was on the aesthetically pleasing nature of the product. It not only looked good, it felt durable, and the hard rubber nature of the wheels allowed me to use it on grappling mats. I have been doing Jiu Jitsu for going on four years now, and as anyone who trains can tell you, your core is where it’s at. I train roughly four hours a days, 3-4 days a week, and began supplementing the ab wheel into my routine right away. There were no instructions on how to properly use it (it seems like a no brainer, but using proper form on the ab wheel is critical to injury prevention), which was no problem considering how many instructionals you can find on youtube. After the first day of lightly using the wheel on my knees, focusing on form and technique I was ready for the next day, or so I thought. The next day my core, especially my lower abdomimals, felt like I had never used them before. To my surprise, the ab wheel targeted EVERYTHING. Working the entire “barrel” that is your midsection, including serratus anterior and posterior. The ab wheel has now been a part of my Jits bag for weeks and goes to every class with me. I even bring it to work with me in case I have a couple of minutes down-time, which is all you even need. There’s no need to do any other exercises for your midsection besides those done on the ab wheel. I can’t say enough good things, if I could give it six stars I would. Well done good sir’s/madam’s.

Supurb Quality Ab Exercise Wheel !!!

 on March 16, 2018
By Transplanted
This Ab roller wheel is one of the better one’s out there.

If you don’t like sit-ups, consider this.

 on January 26, 2016
By Andrew J. Steveson
Disclaimer: I have used the roller for a couple of weeks as part of Epitomie’s beta testing program.

Superior Ab Roller!!!

 on April 24, 2016
By Arik
This ab roller is far superior to less expensive ones I have purchased in the past. It is well worth the extra cost due to excellent materials and build. The wheels are similar in consistency to roller skate wheels. They are tough and slip resistant. They have a hard rubberized exterior “tire” with hard plastic (unbreakable) inner rim. The wheels on the cheaper models are always cheap plastic and slip all over the floor (which can cause injury). Also, instead of just a single wheel like other cheaper brands, this gives you double the surface area with two wheels. That means better gripping on wood floors. It also comes with a 1/2″ thick foam mat for the knees so you dont get hurt knees from kneeling down. The bar is metal and not plastic like many cheap ones. The handles on the cheaper models are normally just hard plastic that cut your skin when you apply too much pressure. But not these. These have soft thick foamy handles that feel like you are grasping clouds. I love this thing. My wife and I get great workouts with it.

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