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Unlock Your Hip Flexors

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    How to Unlock Your Hip Flexors. How to Tell if They are Tight. Decrease Back & Hip Pain.
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    Lying Hip flexor stretch
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    Exercise for Runners and Walkers: Hip Flexor, Hamstring, Piriformis, and Heelcord Stretch
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    Simple Test To See If You Have Tight Hip Flexors
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    TOP 3 Hip Flexor Exercises to UNLOCK Tight Hips
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    The Ultimate Hip Stretch and Mobility Drill (PSOAS SOLUTION!)
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    Unlock Your Hip Flexors with This Stretch [ Hip Pain and Lower Back Pain Stretches]
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    Stop Stretching Your Hip Flexors! (HERE’S WHY)
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    Unlock Your Hip Flexors – by Rick Kaselj My Review & Bonus
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    Unlock Your Hip Flexors by Rick Kaselj My Review & Bonus
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REASON #1: HELPS YOU GET RID OF CHRONIC PAIN: Symptoms like a nagging joint pain in the legs, lower back or hips, walking with discomfort, hips locking up, bad posture or just sluggishness in day to day are all easily avoidable. Our step-by-step program designed to loosen hip flexors has helped many like you return to living the full and active lives they deserve.

REASON #2: HELPS TO INCREASE STRENGTH: Having looser hips has been shown to increase speed and strength, which combine to give you power. Increasing power gives you the chance to increase performance in sports and competition. In sports, power comes from the hips.

REASON #3: HELPS TO IMPROVE SLEEP: one of the most powerful effects of the program is how loose hips can provide you with more restful sleep. Aligned hip flexors leave the body more comfortable and less discomfort can allow your body better sleep to fully rejuvenate.

REASON #4: SAVE MONEY ON PHYSICAL THERAPY: many people notice fewer injuries while training and performing their routines as a result of loose and much more flexible hips. If you've been going to physical therapy, maybe this can help you reduce your need for it.

REASON #5: MANY ADDITIONAL HEALTH BENEFITS: Our program is primarily designed to alleviate pain, help you to get stronger and sleep better. But its benefits don't stop there. Relaxing the psoas muscle will help the body metabolize (burn) fat and thus help you lose weight. Since this muscle is connected to the bodies fight or flight mechanism it will also help with anxiety and improve the energy levels. Additionally, there is a connection between a healthy psoas muscle and sexual health.

What are you waiting for? Now, you can finally Unlock Your Hip Flexors with this incredible, easy to follow DVD! CLAIM YOUR COPY NOW!

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Customer Reviews

Must Have!!!!!

40 people found this helpful
 on March 9, 2018
By Latisha Wallace
I came across this item while on another fashion website. I had heard of the hip flexors, but had heard of the Psoas. I immediately went to Amazon to see if they carried the item and of course they did. I was able to read the reviews and get more info about the item. My husband and I have the item about 1 week. It comes with a CD and a book with photo illustrations. I tried the exercises 3 times all the way through using the book and I have done some the exercises everyday while at work. They have helped us both. The exercises are not complicated and can be performed by anyone. I found that the DVD was good quality. I like that the exercises are first explained and then demonstrated in the first half of the DVD, then the 2nd half is follow along at real speed. Also included on the DVD was exercises to unlock tight hamstrings. The book has a lot of information along with photo illustrations of the 10 exercises. You don’t need any equipment or a lot of room to perform the exercises either!

I have had a great experience with this workout program

45 people found this helpful
 on November 24, 2017
By Kimberlee
Overall, I have had a great experience with this workout program. Although I originally purchased it for the DVD, the manual ended up being my favorite part. It is very informative and taught me a lot, I feel like I actually know my body better now. Before explaining several exercises, the manual tells you all about your hip flexors and psoas and really explains what it’s all about. However, I also really love the DVD because I can see how the moves are actually supposed to be done. Rick explains every move so well and I can already tell a difference in the way my body feels. My hips hurt less, I’m sleeping better, and I am in an overall better mood since I’m not in pain. Highly recommended this product.

Unlike any other program I’ve done

32 people found this helpful
 on October 24, 2017
By Jen
I have been using the exercises presented in Unlock Your Hip Flexors for the last two weeks, and I cannot believe what an impact it has made! Not only am I able to walk longer without pain, but even sitting is more comfortable. With more toned lower abdomen, my pants are fitting better and I’m feeling muscles that I didn’t even know I had! I truly love this routine. They are all easy to do. Because of issues with my sacrum, workout routines leave me tired and sore, if I am able to do them at all. Rick breaks down each of the exercises in such a way that I am able to really concentrate on the muscle group I’m working on, instead of compensating with other muscles. He not only explains how to perform the moves, but he also tells you WHY – the purpose of the exercise, what you should really be feeling, what you are gaining by doing it. Then, after a detailed description of each exercise, you can perform the workout routine in real time with the fitness guide. The program comes with more than just the exercises. There is a full-sized booklet that talks about the importance of your hip flexors, complete with diagrams.

Better Rested & Less Stiff

14 people found this helpful
 on February 21, 2018
By Cassandra R.
I have a pretty sedentary job in an office so I am sitting all day long. I do try to workout by jogging when I can, but I find I feel very stiff when jogging . I found the workouts provided in this to be very helpful with that. I now feel less stiff and feel less pull and strain on my back as a result (something that I didn’t realize was happening until after using these exercises). Overall, I feel better as well as better rested when I wake up in the mornings.

Improvement by Day 2!

17 people found this helpful
 on April 3, 2018
By kay hilde
I felt improvement in my hips and back in 2 days! I’ve done the 10 exercises in sequence in the morning for 7 days in a row – and my hips are finally “unlocking”. I notice the difference when I get up after sitting, when I first get out of bed, and when I’m walking. I had been reading about the hip flexors and psoas muscle and putting together stretches I found from other sources. I do sit a lot for my work so I knew my quads and glutes were part of the problem also. While the stretches I did felt good and brought some temporary relief, they weren’t actually correcting my problem and some days I actually felt worse. I appreciate how Rick goes in to detail describing the the science of our anatomy and physical dynamics – understanding why and how is important to me. I find it amazing that I was so unfamiliar with the Psoas muscle which really is one of the most important muscles in our body! I give the information, exercises, and written instructions 5 Stars.

Great book and DVD with lots of Information.

9 people found this helpful
 on January 15, 2018
By Brenden Ponder
A really awesome product to help you work out your hips. The book explains the importance of your hip flexors and is packed with information. It also has each exercise explained and has good pictures. The DVD is great too. It helps to see someone doing the stretches the first few times until you have the hang of them. This product will have your hips feeling great after just a few times of working them out. Top quality book and DVD.

Good for the hips!

5 people found this helpful
 on April 24, 2018
By Josh Henderson
My friend was complaining about his inability to do certain lifts well because of his bad hip flexors. So I got him this! He says it has been getting alot better; hopefully, he will continue to use it! Maybe I will use it too! You are welcome Robby.

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