418thoTU7YL 500x169 - Yes4All Deluxe Chin Up Bar Doorway – Support to 300 lbs, 28 – 37 inch Fit Doorway

Yes4All Deluxe Chin Up Bar Doorway – Support to 300 lbs, 28 – 37 inch Fit Doorway

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    Doorway Pull-up Bar Review for under $30
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Constructed of heavy-gauge steel (1.6 mm thick), Yes4All Chin Up Bar can withstand more strength and weight without being out of shape, broken or damaged. CXP Chin up Bar: Bar versions are specially designed to fit doorways 28- 33" conveniently and support up to 250 lbs XSP Chin up Bar: Designed to fit 33-37" with door thickness 4.75 – 6.25 inches including door trim and support up to 300 lbs SXP Chin up Bar: The bar can fit standard doorframe from 24-32" and support up to 300 lbs. SXP Chin up Bar is fully equipped with one (optional) z-bracket included to keep the bar from being knocked off if you leave the bar on GAIN MORE STRENGTH AND BIGGER MUSCLES

The best affordable fitness gear is designed for effective bodybuilding and upper body muscle development. Now you can develop and strengthen your backs, biceps, arms, shoulders and other upper body muscles in the comfort of your own room with Yes4All Chin-up Bar.
Ideal for chin-ups, triceps dips and pull-ups or you can move it to the floor, adhere to your doorway for push-ups or sit-ups exercise.


Yes4All SXP Chin up Bar offers 3 padded grips, while CXP and XSP Chin up Bar are designed up to 5 foam handgrip positions to vary your workout (wide-neutral-close grips) and target different muscle groups like arms, chest, core or inner and outer back effectively. In addition, PVC and rubber foam padding handgrips ensure a secure, comfortable grip – prevent sliding or interruption during your workout.


Our doorframe guards are engineered to help protect your doorframe by using a flat design. The chin-up bar is easy to install and does not require any drilling in your doorframe.


1-year warranty and 60-day return

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  • Shipping Weight: 9.3 pounds
  • ASIN: B077464ZXQ
  • Item model number: G2SZ

Customer Reviews

Works just as the product description describes

6 people found this helpful
 on April 12, 2016
By Xfertime
This bar, for me, was a simple assembly. I didn’t time myself, but I would guess about 15 min. I opened the box, laid every thing out and only quickly looked at the instructions pictures, I didn’t read them entirely. I didn’t use the included wrench, I used my personal ratchet, and had no trouble with assembly. I’ve used this bar every day to do 4 sets of 10 wide pull-ups, and two different chin-ups for each bicep for a total of 120 uses a day and the bar works flawlessly. I’m 6 foot tall weigh 180, place the bar in a 36″ wide door that is 6 foot 8 inches high. Since my door had the molding around it I didn’t need to use the mounting hardware that was included in the box, I simply placed it in the doorway before using and removed it when finished.

Great bar but might be a little rough on your door frame

15 people found this helpful
 on June 16, 2015
By Carlos Xavier Ordenana
It seems to be very durable i used it for p90x with no problem and with arm bands for abbs i am about 85 KG and it took my weight with no problem Cons: It did scratch the latex paint out of my door frame if not i would have given it 5 stars

Good Pull Up Bar for <200 Pound People

4 people found this helpful
 on November 30, 2015
By wendle33
I like this product. It’s big enough to fit my fairly wide door, and has enough hand positiions on it to keep things interesting. Set up is pretty easy, although I’m at times mentally challenged doing these things so it took me a bit longer than usual. Still, it went from the box to the wall in ~20 minutes. I highly recommend drilling the two metal brackets into the wall above your door frame. I don’t know if it’s insecure without the brackets, but you FEEL so much safer about it knowing that there’s something else holding the bar to the frame. I’ve watched enough youtube videos of people falling flat on their back to appreciate the confidence boost of the little metal plates. Also, I put a sock on each end of the bar where it makes contact with your door frame. After two days of not having a sock present, it started to chip away the paint on the frame. Post sock–looking good. What stops this from getting 5/5 stars is that the bar bends slightly when I’m using the wide grips. I’m 175 pounds and the bar is rated for much heavier than that. It doesn’t feel unsafe, I’d just be a lot more skeptical if I was 225 lbs. The flex to the bar also makes it rub up and down on the door frame.

I will say I like the fact that this product fits larger doorways and …

2 people found this helpful
 on August 9, 2016
By Peter
This product looked so promising, but I could not put it together. One of the holes that a bolt goes through was not completely punched through. That is, a metal tab was still in the hole, see attached picture. I tried pressing the tab out of the way with the bolt, but the tab didn’t budge. Luckily, I had tried to install that particular piece early otherwise I would have been much more upset to figure this problem out later and have much more to take apart to ship back. I will say I like the fact that this product fits larger doorways and looks solid with the single piece bar. I will order this same product again, hoping not to encounter the same issue. If all works out well, I will consider updating the review and giving more stars. But for now, all I can give is 1 star because I couldn’t even put the product together. UPDATE: I re-ordered this bar and all parts fit together. It works very well, but does leave some very slight black marks on my white door trim. I updated to 4 stars, keeping 1 star off for the initial quality of the first one I received.

Solidly dependable!

One person found this helpful
 on March 23, 2016
By Rojas
What a nice piece of equipment which, when properly assembled, feels very sturdy and seems to work as intended. My biggest aggravation was the assembly instructions, which were, well, horrible in my opinion. It is a bit wider than you might think when fully built, and to be honest I struggled to find a door which I could actually use the darn thing, as many of the doors in my house are catty corner to other walls or doors, but I finally found one I could use. It’s also a bit lower than you may like as well. I’m around 6 ft tall, and pulling myself up didn’t really give me the full range of motion I might expect to find in a gym, but you are at home, so there are tradeoffs. One of the better ‘features’ (if you want to call it that), is that the set comes with a set of brackets which you can secure to the wall above the door you use it, to better secure the bar and prevent unwanted indentations, however I don’t know if they are worth it, as when using it, I found no real traces of pressure in the dry wall above the door. Keep in mind this comes from someone who clocks in at 185, so someone who is 200-250 might experience something else.

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