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YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze [official] – Yoga Swing/Sling/Inversion Tool, Purple with Free DVD

  • default - YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze [official] - Yoga Swing/Sling/Inversion Tool, Purple with Free DVD
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  • default - YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze [official] - Yoga Swing/Sling/Inversion Tool, Purple with Free DVD
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Achieve deeper backbends and instant back pain relief with the yoga trapeze the yoga trapeze is the most powerful, at home yoga inversion tool ever created. Hang it of your door frame or from an exposed beam, bar or swing set. Setup is fast and simple, results are immediate. Heal your spine at home. Our students report that the yoga trapeze is more effective than an 1-hour deep tissue massage or a multiple series of chiropractic adjustments. The yoga trapeze strengthens and loosens the muscles surrounding the spine naturally – so you can eliminate the source of the pain both short and long term. Most back pain specialists recommend a 3-pronged approach for long term back pain relief. Traction: The yoga trapeze creates natural, body weight traction – the safest and most effective kind. Back and core strengthening: For dynamic, deep core strength, nothing compares to inverted, gravity resistance training. Flexibility: Just hang back, grab your ankles and chill out. This is the safest, deepest backbend you could ever do unassisted (and painless). You'll make flexibility gains effortlessly.

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Customer Reviews

Love, love

 on January 27, 2017
By Tracy Wilson
Love, love , love my yoga trapeze! It definitely takes some getting used to hanging upside down though! I’m trying to get my husband to try it out for his back problems too! I feel like a kid again hanging upside down! I was going to hang it from my garage ceiling but realized the beams were too narrow and not strong enough. I didn’t want to hang it in the doorway because of limited movement and sure as hell didn’t have room for that giant yoga stand they sell on their website for $400! So I did some reasearch and came across free standing pull up bars. I found one at Walmart for $80 plus free shipping! It works great and gives me more space than a door way would! So those of you contemplating getting the yoga trapeze because you don’t know where to hang it or are in a rental, this is a great option! Hope this helps!

If I can do it at 270 pounds being horribly out of shape with a degenerative spine, you can too! And your back will thank you!

 on February 17, 2016
By Picky Shopper
I love it! The shipping was fast and everything was packaged well. The webpage offers great instructions on installation that my husband was able to easily use. We bought the indoor hammock hanging kit by live infinitely to hang it because of the large (600 pound) weight limit. The ropes that come with it are perfect for being able to adjust the height to where you want them. There is defiantly a bit of a learning curve when first starting to use it for hanging upside down. After a few times of awkward flipping and flailing around (which was hilarious and I was laughing my butt off and having fun the whole time) I got it. Now here is the kicker. I am an out of shape (for now) 270 pound 5’5″ woman and I could still do it. The fabric, rope, and carabiners are really sturdy. At first I was worried about my weight being too much for it. But after a few uses I realized that it had no problem holding my weight. Hanging upside down looks way harder than it is. I only hang for a half minute or so at a time for now. But doing that a few times a day I think is making a difference. I have a degenerative spine and a crap load of back issues. This yoga swing is awesome for it! Also there was an unexpected benefit: accidental massive ab workout! The first few days of using it my ab muscles were getting really sore (a sign of a good workout). It took me a little bit to realize that just getting in and out of the hanging position was working my abs that much. I know, probably a sad sign of just how out of shape my abs were, but I’ll take it! Also, I love that it is machine washable. The only drawback was the lack of colors. I wish that they had a white version. I have the purple one, and it is pretty, but I would rather be able to leave it hanging up without it sticking out so much because of it being colorful.

2×6 ceiling thingies

 on July 30, 2016
By Amazon Customer
Get it! I have two herniated disks, and on some days it’s so bad that I can’t walk. This has saved my back, it’s cheaper, and more effective than an inversion table. I love it! I bought the ikea ceiling hook to use with this product. We also have 2×6 ceiling wood thingies. We used a 2x6x8′ board & screwed it to the wood thingies through drywall.💃🏻 it’s sturdy. Buzzed, but honest review!

I love it!

 on September 16, 2017
By Kelly
I love it!!!!!! I love it!! I have suffered from low back pain for ten years now. Ever since I had my third child. And then I went on to have 2 more kids. So my back and pelvic floor muscles were so weak. And I have had 5 surgeries in the past 5 years. Two of which were due to prolapse. I am not aloud to lift heavy weights. And it’s been challenging to maintain my weight. Given my body restrictions. Most all cardio hurts my back. I’m always fighting my belly fat. I am completely recovered and am back to Pilates 3x a week. Which I have done now for ten years. Even through the pregnancies. It has kept me strong. But 5 pregnancies damaged my muscles in pelvic floor and my spine has just had it!! To get them strong again has been such a roller coaster.

Buying this seemed to be a fun and safe way to hang upside down in cool …

 on August 10, 2016
By Julie Young
I told my sensible self that I bought this to help with back pain from sitting at a desk all day, but I secretly have always wanted to be one of those acrobats twirling around on yards and yards of silk twenty feet from the ground! Buying this seemed to be a fun and safe way to hang upside down in cool poses and fuel my whimsy. Silliness aside, it’s a fantastic product. My back and neck have never felt so good! It almost feels like I’m taller.

Swole & Flexy

 on January 30, 2017
By Haley Foppiano
Absolutely love the YogaBody Naturals Yoga Trapeze! I hang this from my Rogue Fitness Y-1 Yoke and it works perfectly. Great way to get traction on the spine and relieve back pain. Also great for working up to handstands and handstand push ups. Overall a great addition to our garage gym/workout arsenal. Use it for strength, meditation and stretching. Use it for getting great instagram photos. =P Get swole and flexy! Great quality for a reasonable price.

A Must-Have

 on February 21, 2016
By Aly
This swing was the best thing I ever did for myself. I’m relieving so much tension in my shoulders and body and decompressing my back. I truly think that everyone needs one in their house.

Great product, easy to install

 on August 27, 2015
By Super Z's Mom
My 8 year-old daughter received this for her birthday and loves it! Both of my children play with it every day and my husband and i can also use it. I ended ip buying metal beam clamps rated for 1250 lbs (electrical section) and screw in eye hooks (hardware section) rated for 800 lbs at Home Depot for about $15 total. Lower rated clamps would have worked, but I picked my safest option. I also put a mattress under the swing, in case anyone falls. Great product!

I am able to sit comfortably in it and lean back

 on February 19, 2016
By Gina Kjar
I am at 260 lbs right now, and just beginning my weightloss journey. I am limited in how I can use the yoga body equipment at this time, but I am using it, right now, to support myself in calisthenics. I am able to sit comfortably in it and lean back, using the upper handles to do a form of a pullup. I can lift my legs in that same sitting position and work my lower abdominals, and I can lean back and do crunches for upper abs. I also use the hammock portion to lay on my tummy or my side and do leg lifts, mule kicks, super man etc. It is very helpful for someone who has a hard time getting up and down from the floor, and I am actually exercising because it is not too painful. Thank you

Just buy it! High quality and cheaper than you will spend on multiple aerial yoga classes!

 on October 18, 2017
By V
I love this swing! You can get much greater backbend and hip opener stretches with this yoga tool. Inversions are made a breeze with the swing taking off all weight and allowing the spine to decompress. I will say that you need to take it slow and listen to your body by warming up properly as with any workout prior to doing inversions. My experience is that I will get a little dizzy or motion sick if I don’t warm up first before inverting. The material was smoother than I thought it would be seeing as it is made with parachute material. The price is a bit high but 1 hour aerial yoga classes where I live are $20 each so I can justify the price especially with how high quality this item is. Definitely recommend!

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